Volans™ 3 Vital Sign Module- Signing a group of the 6 most important signs


Volans 3 Vital Sign Module for Warp 3 Medical Recorder: 4-Lead ECG, NIBP, SpO2, Temperature, Breath Rate, Heart Rate



Point of Care Diagnosis

Accident & Emergency 


Digitalized Telemedicine

Cloud-based Mobile EMRs mHealth

About "Medical Tricorder"

by which this product is inspired

The idea of a medical tricorder comes from an imaginary device on the science fiction TV show Star Trek from the 1960s which featured fictional character Dr. Leonard McCoy using it to instantly diagnose medical conditions.
    - wikipedia.org
The medical tricorder has a detachable, high-resolution, hand-held scanner that sends life-sign information to the tricorder itself. It can check all vital organ functions, detect the presence of dangerous organisms, and human physiology. Its data banks also contain information on non-human races known to the Federation, thereby making it possible to treat other life-forms.
    - "'Star Trek' - The Tricorder". BBC. Retrieved 2012-12-01


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Volans 3.5 Vital Sign Module Technical Specification


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